Thank you Jack Perry and HQ! “We” forgot to place our bins at the end of the driveway, and because they are behind our fence, the driver wasn’t able to retrieve them for us like they have done before in the past. I contacted HQ and Jack had a truck out the next day no questions asked. Thanks again for your great customer service! – Amy Cooper

Thank you to HQ for going above and beyond.. forgot to put cans out lastnight (holiday switch) and missed pick up, they came back out.. great service. – Jodi Topa

Just wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation and gratitude for HQ Dumpster & Recycling! My husband is a very busy man who runs his own business, and has many days where he’s out very early and home very late, so sometimes forgets to leave out our trash containers. Our HQ guy has come, more than once, and physically brought our containers down the driveway himself to ensure the trash is taken care of. I can’t express enough how much we APPRECIATE that!!! Awesome customer service; above & beyond! My trash guy will be getting a Christmas present! – Kristin Michanczyk

Mario from hq dumpsters and recycling is the man! We forgot to put out our trash and recycling bins for today’s pick up and guess what……Mario stopped, got out, and brought them up to the curb for us! Thanks to Mario (who always waves to our three year old son when he stops by on trash day) and thanks to the entire HQ team for outstanding service and the best prices! – Tom O’Shea

Love HQ! They are the BEST – Ami Petrillo-Michaud

Thanks to our HQ driver for tossing this teddy bear to my son this morning as he did his route! Made my toddler’s day! He looks forward to garbage day! (Don’t worry, it was still sealed in the package) – Lisa Berliner

Huge shout out to hq dumpster I didn’t even get a chance to call them to let them know the top of our garbage can was broken, I look out this morning and they were replacing the cover. Thank you for great customer service. – Nora Dorau

This morning we had HQ Dumpsters & Recycling drop off their largestdumpster for a clean up project. We wanted the driver Jack to drive this huge dumpster behind our home and it wasn’t easy. Well, he didn’t say a word, he moved that thing like a Boss!! I loved doing business with them, if you are wondering who to call for your dumpster needs, call them! – Christine Albrecht-Jones